Discover our activity rooms in Aubenas

Numerous meeting and activity rooms for groups in the South Ardèche

More than 100 people

Private or professional events

8 activity rooms

Fully equipped rooms

Our activity rooms are suitable for hosting groups for your private or professional events.

 8 activity rooms are available to accommodate up to 150 people:

  • Pagoda 100 m² with floor
  • Lime Room 70 m² with floor
  • Rosemary Room 55 m² with floor
  • Fig tree 75 m² with floor
  • Passionflower 100 m² with floor
  • Fig-Rosemary 130 m² with floor
  • Fig-Rosemary-Passiflora 230 m² with floor
  • Jasmine 100 m² with floor
  • Bamboo 75 m² with floor
  • Olive 35 m² with floor
  • Orchard 40 m² with floor

All our rooms are equipped with chairs and work tables and have natural lighting.

For those who prefer to work on the floor, we provide mattresses and cushions, a mini-system (CD and tape player) and flip charts.

 Quartier du Buis - 07200 Saint-Privat